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“Kristin has written beauty and Crowdfunding campaign copy for me. She was incredible to work with and brought my ideas to life. Kristin writes with passion, creativity and clarity. I highly recommend her for all your projects!” – T. Toler-Phillips, Photographer/Digital Artist

“Kristin has a way with words that offers the reader more than a just a glimpse of our shared humanity. Her compassion and honesty spill forth from her writing. She has a true gift and I feel fortunate that she is willing to share it.” – J. Dabrowski, Editor

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kristin on several projects and have been impressed with her determination and desire to excel in a field that is growing ever more crowded.  What sets Kristin apart isn’t her skill or creativity, though those are certainly assets she possesses in abundance.  She cares and does so passionately.  In an industry full of “me first” and “how will this make me money”, Kristin cares about the message, the writer and the cause.  I continue to collaborate with her because she see’s the bigger picture and articulates it well.  I seek her out for her input because of her open mind and valuable advice.  I respect her work because it’s on point and easy to digest.  Most of all though, she has been a friend when I needed it most.” – S. Hefling, Editor

“There are certain people that you connect with, and it instantly feels as though you’ve been soul sisters forever. Kristin is that type of person, she is a beautiful soul inside and out, she has been there for me, supporting my endeavors and a hand to reach out and hold when needed. Her words are always truth and strength, just beauty in all she is and does.” – Michele Genzardi

“Writing is a part of me, it’s how I breathe and there is not a single part of me that does not trust Kristin to hold my words in her hands. As a writer, an editor, a friend and the all round beauty she is, Kristin inspires and encourages me daily to write and to be my real, raw, true self. With her whole being she holds space for me and my writing (and I know for others too) in a way that makes me feel fully seen and heard. I would never hesitate to recommend adding a bit of her authentic, talented, monkey-magic to your work and your life.” – Mariann Martland

“Rarely do you come across some like Kristin Diversi. Every day she makes me think or laugh or scratch my head. I remember the day she posted about using your voice on Social Media to make a difference. There has not been a day since then that I do not ask myself have you used your voice for something positive. She inspires me to be a better person each and every day.” – R. Conboy

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“One of the Greats. 
I loved taking Kristin’s class, and was heart-broken to learn she was moving to Denver. Every class I took with her, I felt I was learning so much. She truly is a wealth of knowledge who obviously loves what she does. She does offer great hands-on assists, but I appreciate her ability to articulate what she wants from her students verbally as well. But what I most admire about Kristin is the compassion she brings into ever class she teaches. She is highly sensitive to the physical AND emotional needs of her students, and is able to zero in on what takes them out of their comfort zone. She’s always held the space for her students to learn and grow, all while keeping them safe- not an easy feat when trying to embrace change and transition for a group of many. Kristin is a gem, and will make many many Denver yoga students very happy.” – K. Cusenza

“Offers students an amazing experience. Kristin’s classes are always fun and insightful! She does an incredible job of striking a balance between the playfulness of asana while staying mindful to safety and alignment. Kristin offers her students the opportunity to grow by providing them with a safe space to explore their bodies and the work of the yoga! A wonderful teacher all around!” – A. Seiber

“Moving Meditation with Kristin! Kristin’s classes offer a great balance of inward facing contemplation and challenging work out routine. Her careful matching of theme and intention to considered asana sequences makes her classes seem to exist at a remove from the normal passage of time. Kristin’s instruction encourages boldness and creativity in her students without introducing a competitive element into the studio. Although Kristin teaches a variety of styles, including restorative, I find that her active early morning flow classes let her particular energy shine best. Before our recent moves from the Raleigh/Durham, NC area I made a point of attending Kristin’s before work classes 3 days a week! Kristin is a dedicated and impressive yogi and a warm and spiritual person. I recommend her classes to students at any level who are seeking a well-paced work out that honors and creates space for reflection. The cherry on top? Her collection of amusing pants :).” – K. Berman

“A balance between all LOVE and all FUN! The moment I stepped into my first class with Kristin, I knew I had come to a place that we not only show me unconditional love… but make it a ton of fun! She is one of the brightest lights as a yoga teacher… patient and kind to those that need some extra attention… and fun and playful for those that want a little something extra. It was the perfect balance. I leave feeling brighter, happier, more grounded, more at peace. Her classes are perfect for both a new yogi, and an experienced one looking to deepen their practice.” – N. Glass

“Bomb.comdo people still say Whatever, that’s Kristin. She’s the type of teacher (and human) that makes you feel safe enough to try anything because you know that she’ll talk you through it and support you the entire way. She makes you feel more brave and more adventurous, and has pushed me to explore more of my practice than I would have on my own. As a teacher she creates a warm and nurturing environment that she spices up with her adorable goofiness, funny stories and general bad-assery — and she makes the hour about the yoga and her students, not about her own ego (like, ahem, other teachers who shall remain nameless). Everyone would benefit from her teachings – Raleigh/Durham lost one of it’s best for sure :).” – E. Grohs